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About our products

Are Angel Terpenes any good?

Our story begins at the Angel Terpenes laboratories. For years, we have been producing terpene profiles and many other products of the highest quality for other businesses. Having become one of the largest suppliers in the EU, we decided to create our own brand of fine products.

We are devoted to offer our customers products that, once being diluted, are safe to use and meet the highest expectations. Thus, we produce terpene profiles of the highest purity accompanied by quality packaging materials, correct warning labels and all the instructions necessary for terpenes’ safe use.

Do your terpenes have certificates of any kind?

Our terpenes are food-grade, natural and non-GMO (They are not derived from or produced using genetically modified organisms or their derivatives.). They are also Halal and Kosher.

All the raw materials that we use to manufacture our products are Food Grade and comply with the European regulations. We have an FDA registration for shipments to the USA. Our products comply with the European legislation and we have all the documentation necessary to send our products anywhere in the world.

What do our terpenes NOT contain?

Our products do NOT contain Diacetyl, THC, Nicotine or any other psychoactive substance, legal or illegal. You will find no solvents inside. Of course, we are testing if there are no pesticides, heavy metals or mycotoxins.

Where do your terpenes come from?

Our terpenes are extracted 100% naturally from plant sources. We are doing our best to have consistent batches, however as we are working with natural products there can be small differences from batch to batch. Terpenes are 100% legal, contain no solvents or moisture.

How close are your strain profiles to actual cannabis profiles?

They are on the spot! :) Well, there can always be some differences. When you extract terpenes from a plant the composition can be different due to harvest time, weather, soil and many other factors.

What’s with those crazy warning labels?

Angel Terpenes are terpenes of an EXTREMELY high purity (100% terpenes, no solvents). This is important when considering why they are labeled with such insane warnings such as “do not inhale" or "do not ingest”. When in this pure form, terpenes ARE DANGEROUS and must be handled with the utmost care for your own safety. Remember, natural does not always mean safe! However, once diluted properly, they are safe to ingest, smell, eat, whatever.

If our terpenes seem more dangerous to you than those from other companies, there are two explanations. First, products of the company are not of high enough purity to warrant a legally/morally important warning. Second, the company is in violation by not displaying the proper safety information to you, thus proceed at your own risk!

On terpenes

What are terpenes and terpene profiles?

Terpenes are organic compounds, the most basic essential oils produced by a variety of plants, animals, microbes or fungi. In nature they serve as vitamins, hormones, pheromones, and as part of the immune system.

Terpene profiles are combinations of organic terpenes created by plants. They are combined in countless ways in order to produce full plant essential oils like e.g. Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Kush and Durban Poison. Each terpene profile is a unique combination of tens to hundreds terpenes.

Terpene effects and so-called Entourage Effect?

Though scent is what terpenes are known for, they play an equally important role in influencing how we will feel when we consume a fruit, herb or flower. This is because they act synergistically with other botanical compounds; this phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.

What is the difference between terpene profiles (strain profiles) and isolated terpenes?

Isolated terpenes are single terpenes - e.g. limonene, linalool. The terpene profiles (strain profiles) are mixtures of these isolated terpenes. Each profile is a unique combination with unique effects.

Instructions for use

First, please dilute, alright?

Please keep in mind, that all the Angel Terpenes products must be diluted prior to use. Terpenes can not be consumed without being diluted, as it could be very dangerous for your health.

How should I dilute them?

Terpenes mix well with other plant extracts, concentrates and oils. You can also dilute them with coconut oil, most carrier oils, PG, PEG. Terpenes will homogenize with agitation and can be sped up by applying low heat. They are not water soluble so they must be diluted with other oils unless you use an emulsifying agent such as sunflower lecithin.

Once again, terpenes are POTENT and should never be consumed, inhaled, or applied to the skin before being diluted.

How do you measure them?

Terpenes are very potent in their pure form, therefore you must accurately measure them. It is suggested using an adjustable pipette to convenient and accurate measuring. A pipette is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser.

What levels of terpenes are safe for consumption?

All terpenes need to be handled as unique substances. Generalizations cannot be made about their consumption. For our strain profiles we suggest a maximum of 0,25-0,5% for consumption (drinks and food preparation). Regarding e-liquids, it is recommended to start at lower level and working your way up to the 4% concentration to the desired taste or effect.

What are the terpene profiles used for?

Once being diluted, Angel Terpenes have multiple applications, the main ones are stated below:

      • Add flavour and aroma to all type of oils, herbal extracts and resins.
      • Dissolve herbal extracts, oils and resins to be able to vaporise in the so called “Oil Pens”, “Dab pens” or “Vape pens”
      • All Angel Terpenes are also suitable for aromatherapy.

Can terpenes be ingested?

While Angel Terpenes can be safe to ingest, they must be diluted prior to use (0,25-0,5%) and should only be used by trained professionals. Please contact us for more information on this using by email.

I am sensitive to limonene and linalool. Will I suffer allergic reactions if I use your terpene profiles?

Limonene and linalool terpenes are in all our terpene profiles in various concentration. If you are sensitive to cosmetics containing one of these terpenes we do not recommend to use Angel Terpenes.

How do I store my terpenes?

If you want to encourage the longevity of your terpenes, please put them in the fridge. If you do not have enough space there, they are stored well in a cool dark place with the cap on.


What percentage should I mix in?

We suggest starting at 1% by volume and work up from there.

1% – 4% is usually the sweet-spot.


to get a proper mix at 1% for a yield of 10ml:

9.9ml of base + 0.1ml (1%) of Angel Terpenes

Should I use heat to help with the mixing?

YES. When it comes to combining liquids, heat is your friend.

The actual temperature varies depending on what substance you are mixing into, but a general rule is that you should not exceed 100°C.

You’ll know if the mixing is going properly when the liquids look like ONE consistent color instead of two.

Will freezing terpenes damage them?

Short answer: no

Longer version: If you want to freeze terpenes in a normal freezer, it will not damage them. It would take a temperature much much lower than that to pull terpenes out of a mixture.

Purchasing and payment

Do you sell larger sizes or sample sizes?

Sure! You can buy your own customized sample pack here. For larger sizes and distributor's discounts, please check out the "Sell our terpenes" page for more information and contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you have a showroom or storefront?

Unfortunately, at the moment our company only has laboratories from which we ship. However, you can find and test out Angel Terpenes at selected stores in the EU.

How can I use a SEPA payment?

Our bank account details:
Bank country: Finland (Holvi Payment Services Ltd,
IBAN: FI44 7997 7991 1245 41
Remittance advice: Order # (Example: 201801001)
Account currency: EUR

Our bank account is in Finland. Please make a payment in EUR and enter it as a SEPA payment (for some banks this is called "Euro Payment"). Our bank is in the SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) so there is no need to send money as a foreign payment. Thus, the fee is usually very low. If there is anything more to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

I live in the US and cannot use a SEPA payment, what to do?

No worries, the other method of payment available is PayPal.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you may simply use your credit card or debit card instead via PayPal Check out.


For more information on refunds, please check our refund policy page and contact us using email.

Shipping and Handling

Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

Yes! We do ship internationally. However it can cost a bit more than shipping across the EU or to the USA and Canada. We suggest you contacting us prior to placing your order so we can inform you about the exact shipping costs.

How long does it take to receive my terpenes?

Special Delivery: If everything goes smooth at our couriers, a general periods are:

  • EU: 4 business days
  • USA and Canada: 7 business days
  • Other countries: 5-10 business days
  • Price: 29 EUR

Economy Delivery:  If everything goes smooth at our couriers, a general periods are:

      • EU: 5-10 business days
      • USA and Canada: 10-20 business days
      • Other countries: 40-70 business days
      • Price: 5 EUR